The airport IATA 3 letter code for Sofia Airport is SOF. The name Sofia Airport is otherwise known as Letishte Sofia-Vrazhdebna due to the town north of its location . GPS location for Sofia Airport is 42.69253, 23.40766 which can be used in your car or smartphone to help you find your way to and from Letishte Sofia-Vrazhdebna Airport.

The history of Sofia Airport began in 1937, construction began and the airport was located 11 km from the city center and the population of Sofia was 250,000, currently the population is over 1.2 million. With the beginning of the Second World War, the airport was used by military. Passenger flights began in 1947 when the passenger terminal (Terminal 1) was completed and capacity was 600,000 passengers per year, a figure that was reached by the 1960s.

Several extensions and refurbishments to modernize Sofia Airport during 1960s, the runway was extended to 2720 metres to accommodate larger jumbo-jet aircraft. Passenger numbers continued to grow and the terminal was handling approximately 3 million passengers by the late 1970s, 2 million on overseas routes and 1 million on domestic routes. Passenger numbers passing through Sofia airport dropped as a result of the oil crisis in 1979 and continued to be subdued until the 1990s.

As numbers increased, Sofia airport was improved and several refurbishments took place to update the look of the airport and match international standards. The decision to extend Sofia airport was made and a new runway, taxiways and the new passenger terminal (Terminal 2) was completed in 2006 and inaugurated the symbolic arrival of Bulgaria Air flight FB 408 from Brussels.

The passenger terminals at Sofia Airport are situated adjacent to each other, and Terminal 2 has a total of 38 check-in desks and 7 passenger boarding gates. The aircraft companies at the airport may require passengers to check-in at certain terminals.

Sofia Airport boasts excellent facilities including a modern VIP lounge, offering plenty of space and comfort for all passengers who require a bit of privacy. Located in the west of Terminal 1, the VIP lounge offers International TV, Wi-Fi and Broadband Internet connection. There are 4 rooms as part of the VIP lounge and also a private car park area, the lounge is fully stocked with an excellent selection of magazines and newspapers. The airport also has two guest lounges – Preslav and Pliska, with free wi-fi available.

Terminal 1 offers three cafes for passengers in the departure area. A wide selection of Bulgarian souvenirs and toys for children can also be purchased in Terminal 1. Passengers will also find adequate banking and curre1769 Km (1100 Miles)ncy exchange services at the airport.

The airlines ticketing offices, tourist and car hire desks, banks, post office, and cafeterias in Terminal 2 are located in the public area. The travel retail shops, Bulgarian wine and spirits shop and Business lounges are located beyond the border control area. Terminal 2 has been designed with special attention to disabled passengers, access to all terminal levels and the multi-storey car park is facilitated via lifts and escalators. Disabled passengers are welcome, and will find the facilities required to ensure a pleasant flight to or from Sofia Airport.

Duty-free and travel outlets within Sofia Airport also offer all passengers departing from Sofia to a destination outside of the European Union the opportunity to purchase goods from from Duty or Taxes.

Terminal 1 is exclusively for budget companies and charter flights. Some of the airline companies which handle most flights at Sofia Airport include Bulgaria Air, with flights to London Heathrow, Amsterdam and Moscow. Bulgaria Air offers flights to Vienna, Berlin and Prague while Wizz Air flies to Dortmund, Dubai and Valencia. Some other airlines operating from Sofia Airport include British Airways, Lufthansa, LOT Polish Airways, Air France, Aeroflot, and Qatar Airways.

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